Greetings from Pumpkin Ridge!

Remember-the correction for my last book Reflections from Pumpkin Ridge, 2004

Barn Musical- Add
 Base color of roof is Hippo Gray

Jolly Santa (tall figure)-Add
Base a small oval for each pinecone with Brown iron Oxide. Float a shade on both sides with Dark Burnt Umber. Now add the lighter brown strokes that represent the area that the seeds are held in.
With Autumn Brown stroke in from the outer edge first on both sides, then in the center. Use a small round or filbert and let the beginning of the stroke be wider than the end. (Chisel off to achieve this). When dry, highlight the centermost strokes with Toffee Brown to give roundness to the pinecone.

Gingerbread Musical

Add under gumdrops
Green: Spring Green shaded Dark Foliage Green, highlighted Spring Green + White.

Sorry about these oversights. Please share with friends who may also have the book.

  - Yvonne

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