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#10 - Reflections from Pumpkin Ridge
Santas, Gingerbread House, New Baby Muscial, Tuscan Village Scenes, Angels, Vineyards and more!
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#9 - Christmas from Pumpkin Ridge volume III
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#8 - Seasons from Pumpkin Ridge volume IV
The newest book features designs for all seasons on a variety of smaller surfaces. The four seasons mantle clock with interchangeable inserts is done with an offset clock and more traditional moulding. A friends new baby inspired lots of nursery designs that you'll enjoy painting for those little ones! A new santa, angel,cottage scenes and even a tropical beach scene complete this years book. Click on the book to see inside!

#7 - Christmas from Pumpkin Ridge volume II
This, all Christmas book, features santas, angels and Christmas scenes, including the new musical "Santa's Workbench". Our site will be updated with more photo's as soon as they are available.

#6 - Seasons from Pumpkin Ridge volume III
Features an Independence Day musical with patriotic children ready for a parade. The music plays YANKEE DOODLE DANDY. An autumn scene for the triple panel shelf and quilt chest is the third seasonal design begun in volume I & II.
More santas and cottage scenes are included are included in this beautifully designed book.

#5 - Seasons from Pumpkin Ridge volume II
This book features the Stable musical with shepherd boy and the animals revolving around the manger scene. The countryside winter scene is done on three different surfaces, the triple paneled shelf (an alternative for the Quilt Chest), the cubbyhole shelf and the hutch. All these have interchangeable inserts. There's a Summertime Santa cut-out, second in a series began in volume I. The springtime treasures still life is done in soft pastels with angel ornaments to match. The farm scenes of Orchard Hill and Farmington provide a burst of summer color in rich reds and greens. There's something for everyone in this beautifully done book.
#4 - Seasons from Pumpkin Ridge volume I
Published by our family, this book features lots of Santas, a Teddybear Christmas, a summer farm scene on a Quilt chest, an autumn homestead surrounded by rich fall leaves, a small town wrapped around table featuriing a church, grange hall and general store, and the first of the series of new musicals that revolve horizontally. The new Halloween Castle with Trick-or-Treaters begins this series that includes the Christmas Cottage with Carolers, packet #801 and new Stable Musical Nativity in Seasons volume I, April 1999.
Cottages from Pumpkin Ridge volume II
Yvonne's third book was filled with spring cottage scenes decorated with ivy, a homestead scene in winter with frosted trees, and Santa through the window arranging his own cottage scene among many other designs. This book originally published by Trafton Thompson, now out of print, is available in pattern packets #707-#714.
Christmas from Pumpkin Ridge
Published in 1996, Yvonne's second book featured the classic santa, chunky burgundy santa, angels ornaments, shepherd boy nativity and the musical nativity angels on the back cover. Since it also is now out of print, all the designs are available in pattern packets #604-612.
Cottages from Pumpkin Ridge volume I
Yvonne's first book featured cottage scenes in spring, summer and winter, a wonderful hexagon birdhouse and the Wintertime Countryside Musical, still one of the most popular selling designs today. It was published by Trafton Thompson and though now out of print, the designs are now in pattern packets #506-512.

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