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August 2007

Latest deluxe packets
All have a color step-by-step worksheet, plus 4-6 photos

#932 Country Market-Autumn
Market features pumpkins & sunflowers. Very colorful & fun class to teach. Design in two sizes. 4 photos & color worksheet.


#933 Country Flower Market           
Flower market features multi-colored flowers and spring/summer colors. Great seminar! Two sizes and varieties of border colors. 4 photos & color worksheet.


#934 Chickadee Shelf
Watercolor-like design adaptable to many surfaces. 3 photos.

#935 Angel Candle Plates
Two color setups for warm autumn golds & greens and Christmas reds & deep greens. Also good for cookies! 4 photos & color worksheet.

#936 Pumpkin Morning
Rooster greeting the morning sun as he oversees the pumpkin patch. Two sizes for different surfaces, 4 photos & color worksheet.

#937 Moonlight & Pumpkins
Garden lady tending the pumpkin patch in the evening.  Two sizes and surfaces, 4 photos & color worksheet.

#938 Ballerinas
Peachy soft colored ballerinas in two sizes and several hairstyles. Both ornament and plaque. Banner for personalizing! 5 color photos with color worksheet. 

#939 Cardinal & Santa          
Design on treasure box with tray inside. Adaptable to many surfaces. 5 photos with color worksheet

#929 Candlebox for Autumn & Christmas
The autumn scene is a country market and the Christmas scene is a bistro with Christmas greenery. 6 photos including close-ups.
#930- Angel Gifts Plates & Ornaments
Three colors of angels on different surfaces.
#931- Mrs. Santa Claus & Gingerbread
A tall companion to Jolly Santa in Reflections from Pumpkin Ridge. Four detailed photos including close-ups.

January 2004

#918-Summerberry Cottage
An alternate design for the Winterberry Cottage in Christmas from Pumpkin Ridge vol. III.
Two surfaces to choose from.

#919-Autumn Harvest Angel
The most popular seminar choice for 2004-2005 on the surface that can be painted on both sides with angels for all the seasons!

#920-Spring/Easter Angel
Another design for the angel series in warm yellows with an Easter basket! This design would go well with the summer angel in Reflections from Pumpkin Ridge .

#924-Santa & The Three Bears
A small arch board with a great new Santa design!

#927-Christmas Stocking Angel
New design September 2004.
One of my favorites! Now a total of six designs for the angel series!

Old Favorites
#801-Christmas Cottage with Carolers
The carolers and snowmen revolve as the music plays "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire". The design for the back features stockings hung on the mantle of the fireplace beside the Christmas tree. Cost $6.50
#712 - Christmas Scene on Cone Musical
A nice variation for you collection of musicals. As the tree revolves, Santa and his reindeer fly through the sky over the rooftops. The music in mine plays "Silver Bells" with the verse "It's Christmastime in the city". Originally from Cottages from Pumpkin Ridge vol. II. Cost $6.50
#604-Nativity Angel Musical
The musical plays "Away in a Manger" as the sky revolves from the night sky with the Star to the morning sky with two doves holding a Peace on Earth banner. Cost $6.50
#601-Guardian Angel Nursery Musical
Designed for a new baby this is painted in pastels and is an alternate design for the same woodpiece as #604. The musical movement plays "Brahm's Lullaby". Cost $6.50
#506-Wintertime Countryside Musical
Santa and his reindeer revolve over the stone cottage and trees as the music plays "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" or "Santa Claus is coming to town". Cost $6.50
#501-Summertime Countryside Musical
An alternate for the same woodpiece as #506, the music plays "Edelweiss" as the sun rises above the summer scene. Cost-$6.50
#502-the"Not So Spooky" Halloween Musical
"Funeral March of the Marionettes" better known as "Alfred Hitchcock's Theme" plays while the moon revolves over a cottage filled with jack-o-lanterns with smiles. Cost $6.50
#407-Summertime Village Musical
Alternate summer scene for the same woodpiece as #502. Musical movement plays "You Are My Sunshine" or 'Edelweiss" Cost $6.50
#608- Shepherd Boy Nativity
Designed especially for the popular mini-arch board, this is a favorite. Small enough to be done on an ornament. $6.50
#707-Ivy Cottage Cabinet Scene
This is the scene featured on the cover of Cottages vol. II, now out of print. I have included a super closeup photo of cottage, an overall of the base and an overall of the tall cabinet. All ivy designs are given. Cost $6.50
(3 photos)
#708-Cottages on Picket Bench & Round Design
This design was the favorite for my seminars from Cottages from Pumpkin Ridge vol. II. The round design alternate that fits a plate or cheesebox lid is included, as well as the ivy design for the side of bench. However the lamp design is not since the shade source is no longer in business. No cutting instructions for the bench are given, but the wood sources listed in my book were: Smooth Cut Wood, 1-888-982-9663 or Touch of Dutch, (503) 647-2423. Cost $6.50
#401-Bedtime Santa & Mrs. Claus
These two popular packets are now combined. They measure 8 " high & are designed for 2" wood. Cost $6.50
#605-Classic Santa
Originally in my Christmas book, this Santa is over 22" tall.
Packet contains 3 photos. Cost $6.50
#901-Peace Angel Trio
This is newly released. Each angel carries a dove and is 7" tall. Instructions give optional hair designs and alternate dress colors. Designed along with the other trio ornaments but kept out of publication until now. Cost $6.50
#612-Herald Angel Ornaments
Both jewel-toned and pastel colors are given for dress colors and many hair color options. Originally published in Christmas from Pumpkin Ridge, now out of print. Cost $6.50
#304-Garland Angel Trio
Angel ornaments with jewel-toned colors and sweet faces easy enough for the beginner to paint. 6" tall Cost $6.50
#303-Pastel Angel Trio
Taller 8" ornaments with soft pastel dresses. Cost $6.50
#302-Angel Trio with Doves
The tallest of all the ornament sets, these are 8". More detailed faces for the intermediate painter. Cost $6.50
#301-Herald Angel
This angel is 25" long and painted in soft pastel with flowing hair. Pattern features close up photo for face. Cost $6.50

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